Junior Sponsorship

PHAC Jr. Award Program 2009 to 2013


All junior riders aged 13 – 17 who compete at PHAC approved shows that take place in Canada, who participate in fundraising events as set by the PHAC board from time to time, and who have not won this award in the past.



All juniors will be required to participate in fundraising activities, with the goal of raising $1000.00 per year. Fundraising efforts will be limited to PHAC sponsored events. Opportunities for fundraising will be provided for juniors at these events which will include bottle drives, sales of 50/50 tickets, and offering labour services to other participants at shows (for example, cleaning stalls for pay).

Qualified Shows

All PHAC approved shows that take place in Canada.


The highest pointed junior in a given year, as per above eligibility, will receive a $2000 subsidy for the purpose of participating at the Gold Rush Classic.

Subsidy Coverage

Subsidy includes transportation of horse and rider, accommodation of horse and rider, sustenance for horse and rider and entry fees for horse and rider. At present, either Paradise Ranch or Ringstead Ranch will provide transportation for the horse. If no horse transportation is available from Canada, every effort will be made to find a suitable horse from a US exhibitor.

Substitution of Participant

In the event that the winner cannot or chooses not to participate, the benefit shall fall to the next highest pointed junior.

Substitution of Benefit

No part of the above benefit may be substituted for cash or any other cause.

Other Fund Activities

All juniors will also be eligible to participate in a Junior Showmanship Clinic to be held annually, free of charge. The location of which shall alternate between Paradise Ranch in Vernon, BC and Ringstead Ranch in Millarville, AB.

Furthermore, each junior who attends the clinic shall receive a $50.00 Gift certificate towards their participation at the Canadian National Show.

Please note that these rules will remain in effect for a five year period (show seasons 2009 through to 2013). At that time, the continuation, eligibility, benefits and program effectiveness will be examined and assessed.

**Please note: Effective immediately, anyone traveling to the United States from Canada MUST hold a valid Passport.


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